Kate Middleton to not get certain advantage when Prince William crowned king

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January 18, 2022

Being a part of the royal family certain has its perks but Kate Middleton will miss out on a certain perk when Prince William becomes king

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It is no secret that being a part of the royal family has its perks.

One unique aspect that the monarch enjoys is to travel abroad without a passport.

This is because all passports are issued by the Queen which means that everyone, including the rest of the royal family must carry that particular legal document.

When Prince William will eventually take the throne, he too will enjoy this particular perk as he will be the King.

While the Duke of Cambridge will benefit from this, his wife Kate Middleton will still need to carry her passport when travelling.

The wording on passports currently reads: “Her Britannic Majesty's Secretary of State requests and requires in the name of Her Majesty all those whom it may concern to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance and to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.”

The wording would then change to 'His Majesty' when William will eventually take the throne.

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