Prince Harry's statement differs Meghan's claim

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January 18, 2022

Harry said police protection was the only reason stopping him and family to return to the UK

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Prince Harry asked for UK police protection for UK visit, saying he feels effectively in exile because his private security is not enough for a visit to his homeland.

The Duke of Sussex's statement sparked furious debate online as he revealed protection issue was stopping him to return to the UK.

According to the Duke, security is the only thing that's stopping him to return to his homeland. However, the royal experts and fans have begun to speculate after Harry's request.

Harry's statement where he said "this [ police protection] was the only reason we are not going back," did not sit well with some experts.

"I seem to remember when they were invited to Sandringham at Christmas, Meghan saying they weren't coming back because they didn't want the focus of attention to be on them," royal correspondent Mr Rae told talkRadio.

"It is interesting!"

He went on to say that "Meghan's point about the Christmas invite challenged Harry's claim."

There were reports that the couple turned down an invitation to spend the festive period with the Queen and other family member, because they wanted to avoid the media scrutiny such a trip could trigger.

British people seem divided on Prince Harry's police protection request. TV presenter Piers Morgan said it was unfair on Britons to use resources protecting the Prince when he is no longer a royal or carries out any duties.

Some royal fans think that Harry's statement is another allegation on the Royal Family as it suggests the monarchy is not worried about Harry and his family's protection.

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