Prince Philip's 'illegitimate' child speaks over similarity to 'brother' Prince Charles

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December 31, 2021

Prince Philip has reportedly been in multiple affairs when married to the Queen

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The royal family was hit with a bombshell claim that Prince Charles has a secret look-alike brother who was the product of Prince Philip’s alleged affair.

It is said that the late Duke of Edinburgh had an affair with a Nazi soldier's German wife during the WWII-era.

Gunther Focke, in his 2005 book Tommy Boy, candidly spoke about the cruel taunts and behaviour he experienced at the hands of other children when he grew up in post war Germany as the illegitimate child of a married barmaid.

After finding out about his truth of his father Gunther sought to be acknowledged as Prince Philip’s son but instead he was pitted with threats by the Palace.

"I don’t want to hurt the Royal family," he wrote.

"But I need some sense of closure and I won’t get it until Prince Philip admits he’s my father."

"I even have the same ears as him," Focke pointed out on his similarity to Charles.

"I don’t think anyone could doubt my claims once they see these photos."

The Palace has denied their cooperation in giving DNA proof and as for Philip, who died earlier this year, he was rumoured to have had multiple affairs when he was married to the Queen.

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