Katrina Kaif breaks cycle of dating 'toxic men' with Vicky Kaushal, says Indian astrologer

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December 09, 2021

Katrina Kaif, Vicky Kaushal are tying the knot on December 9

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Katrina Kaif breaks cycle of 'toxic men' with Vicky Kaushal, says Indian astrologer

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are all set to tie the knot this week. The couple, that has managed to maintain secrecy around their relationship for the past two years, are also keeping a low profile amid their big day.

However, media and fans are intrigued to find out what lies inside Katrina's 'royal' wedding in Jaipur and her life after marriage. As per ETimes, astrologer Parashar believes that both the bride and groom are 'tailor made' for each other.

"Since Katrina is a Cancerian and Vicky is a Taurean, they both belong to the family love kind. The union of both of these celebrities will be highly auspicious for both of them. Vicky Kaushal's career will bloom with the entrance of his lady luck whereas Katrina will focus more on her family life," says Parashar as per ETimes.

The astrologer also added that Vicky would let Katrina lead their relationship. "The soft and bubbly nature of Katrina will attract Vicky towards her and this in turn makes their compatibility a wonderful association. Filled with deep passion and emotions, Vicky would let Katrina lead the relationship."

The astrologer added: "Being a Cancerian, it was only natural for Katrina to have a history of toxic men in her early days. Such people tend to fall for people who they think they can fix but then they realise that what they genuinely need is emotional stability, security and somebody who would fulfil their need of a perfect family."

Vicky and Katrina are soulmates who fulfill each others' needs. Their marriage will be one of its kind.

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