Jonas Brothers announce plans for ‘open and honest’ Docuseries

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December 09, 2021

Jonas Brothers gearing up to release Behind-the-Scenes clips to upcoming ‘open and honest’ docuseries

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Jonas Brothers announce plans for ‘open and honest’ Docuseries

The Jonas Brothers announce plans to release an “open and honest” docuseries outlining their ‘true selves’ to fans.

The docuseries, Moment Between the Moments debuted one of five episodes this Tuesday on Facebook Watch.

In candid chats with People magazine regarding their upcoming ventures, Kevin spilled some beans and admitted, "It's a fun way for us to kind of show our fans who we are more as people every single day as we're growing, as we're changing, as we're learning who we are and figuring out ourselves as we continue to grow.”

"We realize how lucky we are to be 16, 17 years into this at this point, and to still have people supporting us the way they do.”

The differences are that we all have families now, and I think it just enriches every experience that we have, getting to not only share that with each other as brothers, but also now with our own families, and seeing their enthusiasm, too, about experiencing some of this with us for the first time just means the world."

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