Prince Harry ‘absolutely furious’ with Prince Charles’ response to Diana inquiry

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December 04, 2021

Prince Harry hits back at Prince Charles for his ‘failed response’ to the Princess Diana inquiry

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Prince Harry has reportedly been erupting in anger over the response Prince Charles gave to the failed Princess Diana inquiry.

This claim’s been made by royal commentator Duncan Larcombe during his interview on True Royalty's The Royal Beat.

There he was quoted saying, “I had quite a long chat with him [Prince Harry] two days after his mother’s inquest.”

"The verdict had come back, it was six months, and looked at all the conspiracy theories on why she died, and Harry was absolutely furious.”

“He was so angry with the way he felt he had been silenced by the employees of his father, Clarence House, and issued a statement when it didn’t really attack the press that really did upset him.”

“From the beginning, what we have seen around since Meghan arrived in the family, Harry is not been told by his family how he has to have a relationship with the Press.”

"He is carving his own way and quite a lot of basic facts wrong, almost at a point of Diana’s risk paranoia at times.”

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