Dax Shepard weighs in on the hacks, realities of parenthood

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December 02, 2021

Dax Shepard shares some surprise parenting hacks and realities he learned ‘later into the game’

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Dax Shepard weighs in on the hacks, realities of parenthood

Dax Shepard recently dropped a candid confession regarding the realities of parenthood.

Shepard got candid about his widely used hacks and parenting realities while speaking to People and Parents.

He started off by referencing his daughter’s odd requests and admitted, "I figured out that if I scratch my younger daughter's head extremely hard —her request she is out cold within 90 seconds."

He also shared some invaluable life lessons in the latter part of his interview and admitted, "I wish someone had let me know that I will never have anything nice again. That would've been a good heads-up."

"If you like that there's no crumbs and toys on your floor, say goodbye to it. The quicker you come to accept that you're going to live in a pigsty and that everything will be vaguely broken—the quicker you can accept that, the happier the experience is because we fought it for like six months."

"I wish someone told me how loud my house would become because I guess I thought they're littler people, right? They might be less loud. And they're not.”

"The volume is three x what a normal person should be, and the problem is it's not just volume, it's the consistency of noise.”

Sometimes “It's like having NPR on all the time—so two stations of NPR on all the time—but if it were all questions. No answers, no fun stories, just all questions. And that's a lot."

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