'Madam Noor Jehan still a legend': Ali Azmat clears the air after controversial remarks

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October 23, 2021

After severe backlash, Ali Azmat releases statement to clear air on Noor Jehan controversy

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'Madam Noor Jehan still a legend': Ali Azmat clears the air after controversial remarks

Popular Pakistani musician Ali Azmat has recently got himself landed into hot waters on internet for making derogatory remarks on one of Pakistan's biggest cultural icons, Madam Noor Jehan.

The Junoon band frontman earned the ire of countless netizens after saying disrespectful and offensive things about the late singer. To clear the air, the singer took to his social media handle and addressed the backlash and criticism in a video message.

Taking to his Instagram on Friday, the Garaj Baras singer released a video statement, in which he told his fans and viewers that he respects the legend with all his heart.

The singer claimed that it was an edited version of his interview, presented in completely a different context which was twisted after it. He began clarifying his statement and said that he criticized the presentation of content on PTV not the legendary singer.

Recalling his childhood days, he went on say that as a child he would adore the legend but it was difficult for him as a young boy to comprehend the songs she had sung. “When I grew up and started understanding music, I always respected Madam Noor Jehan since she was and still is a legend.”

He also named his fellow musicians and singers to endorse the fact that how much he respected her and admitted that he spoke about the generational gap and his understanding of music was immature when he was young.

The singer further said that after becoming a singer, he realized that the true queen of melody is Noor Jehan and that he had a good connection with her. Even when she was ill, he would visit her. He expressed his grief over making his close friends and family members upset over his statement which he didn’t mean the way it was portrayed.

Previously, in an interview for a local channel, the Jazba Junoon singer shared his thoughts on embrace the cultural invasion by MTV back in his childhood days. He went on to add, "Our own society and culture weren't really offering anything similar. You put on a show, you would see Noor Jehan draped in a saree, with heavy jewelry and over-the-top makeup. We would get irritated by mai (elderly woman). We would think why would they make us watch this kofta (meatball)."

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