Noor Jehan's grandson reacts to Ali Azmat's controversial remarks

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October 22, 2021

Actor Ahmad Ali Butt is the grandson of Madam Noor Jehan

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Ahmad Ali Butt, the grandson of Madam Noor Jehan, on Friday reacted to Ali Azmat's controversial remarks about the late singer.

The "Garaj Baras" singer is receiving backlash for criticising Noor Jehan in his latest interview .

Sharing a picture of his grandmother, the actor said "I have always respected Ali Azmat as an artist and as a friend. He is one of Pakistan's biggest rock star, his outspoken attitude has always been his trademark but his recent remarks over Noor Jehan, were just in bad taste especially when that person is no longer alive."

He added, "My Late Grandmother Madam Noor Jehan 'Is' the greatest artist of the subcontinent and that's a fact."

"I'm sure he also knows how big of a legacy Noor Jehan has and 1000 rock bands can't measure up to her 1 song."

"I don't hold it against him because he is an artist also and very well knows that respect comes when you give respect, otherwise your just putting yourself in a position where people will disgrace your own legacy."

"As for The Melody Queen Noor Jehan... 'gai ge duneya geet mayray'...Forever."

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