‘Squid Game’ director reacts to plagiarism accusations: ‘Not applicable’

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October 18, 2021

‘Squid Game’ director Hwang Donghyuk reacts to claims of plagiarism

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The director of Squid Game Hwang Donghyuk, finally reacts to allegations of alleged plagiarism.

The scriptwriter and filmmaker responded to these claims during a candid conversation.

At that tie, the 50-year-old director cleared the air and admitted there was certainly “no connection” between Squid Game and the 2014 Japanese release titled As The Gods Will.

For those unversed, As The Gods Will is a storyline that follows a similar plot to the international success, the only difference being the age ranges of the players since only High School students partook in the Japanese equivalent.

According to Today Online, the director Hwang Donghyuk was quoted saying, “I started planning [Squid Game] in 2008 and began writing the script in 2009 (…) the similarities that were pointed out are purely coincidental and there is no copying from either party.”

“I don’t want to [claim ownership] of the story but if have to say it, I’ll say that I did it [before As The Gods Will].”

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