‘Squid Game’ to garner accumulated worth of $900 Million: report

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October 18, 2021

‘Squid Game’ to accumulate a crazy net worth due to its roaring international success

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Netflix’s highest-ranking show ‘Squid Game’ is reputedly on the way to accumulating a total net worth equal to almost $900 Million.

Per claims, Netflix considers Squid Game to become its highest-grossing series as of yet and may even reach the $900 Million worth mark.

This report has been unearthed by Bloomberg and according to their findings, this is the highest cap the mega-hit can hope to accumulate.

For those unversed, Netflix differs from other streaming platforms in the sense that it does not generate sales on the basis of specific titles.

It instead uses its catalogue and a steady influx of releases to entertainment and keeps its paying customers on the plan.

The company assess the performance of individual shows on a metric of an $891.1 million impact value.

In regards to production costs, the show required nearly $21.4 million, this can be broken down to almost, $2.4 million per episode.

While speculations are on the rise, Netflix’s attorney released a statement to the outlet, explaining, "Netflix does not discuss these metrics outside the company and takes significant steps to protect them from disclosure.”

The success of the entire series however is not hidden. Around the world, almost 89% watched at least the first 75 minutes of the show.

Not only that, nearly 66% or 87 million people finished watching within the first 23 days since its release.

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