Prince Harry ‘keeps wanting to prove himself better’ than Prince William: report

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September 24, 2021

Prince Harry branded ‘jealous’ of Prince William in his bed to ‘prove himself better’

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Experts recently weighed in on Prince Harry’s alleged attempts to ‘keep proving himself to be better’ than Prince William.

This claim’s been made by royal biographer and author Angela Levin.

During her interview with The Sun, she was quoted saying, “Harry has always been jealous of William and he wants to prove he’s better, stronger, and he believed he could only do that by breaking away.”

Even fellow author Robert Jobson addressed the ‘deep wounds’ in Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship and told Royally Us podcast listeners, “There’s a lot of things, I think also Harry felt he was not happy with the lack of support over his marriage to Meghan.”

“But at the end of the day, they were very close as young men, let’s hope that over time, wounds can heal, but I do think these are quite deep wounds.”

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