Punjab Police nab Lahore man for allegedly harassing three women after video goes viral

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September 24, 2021

A video showing three women running scared of a man at a busy road in Lahore went viral on social media

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LAHORE: Punjab Police arrested a man Thursday after he allegedly harassed three women at a busy road in the city.

The footage of the incident went viral, triggering anger and calls for police to arrest the suspect, on social media.

The man can be seen in the video, advancing towards the women.

It was uploaded by Twitter user Hasna Khan Dasti. In it, three women can be seen standing near a bus stop, beneath a bridge, at a busy location in Lahore.

A man in a red shirt can be seen standing near them and interacting with the women. A short while later, the man can be seen slowly approaching the women.

Panicked, one woman runs ahead and crosses the busy road while the other two can be seen running away from him.

"Another harassment incident takes place in Lahore today," wrote Hasna. "Three female students can be seen running away from this monster. This person, who has seemingly misbehaved with the women, should be arrested immediately," he added, tagging Punjab police's official Twitter account in his post.

Shortly after, the Punjab police tweeted a photo of the suspect in custody, saying that the police had registered a case and arrested the suspect.

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