US commentator thanks PM Imran Khan for saving thousands in Afghanistan, says ‘words cannot express our gratitude'

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September 20, 2021

Glenn Beck says he reached out to civil and political leaders around the world for help but 'the silence was shocking'

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Prime Minister Imran Khan and US political commentator Glenn Beck.

WASHINGTON: Paying glowing tribute to Prime Minister Imran Khan for saving thousands of lives in Afghanistan after the Taliban’s takeover of the country, US political commentator, radio host and television producer Glenn Beck said, “Words cannot express our gratitude to Prime Minister Khan and the people of Pakistan.”

In a statement, Glenn Beck credited PM Imran for saving thousands of people who wished to evacuate the Mazar-i-Sharif city.

The US commentator said that he had reached out to civil and political leaders around the world for help but "the silence was shocking".

"Some calls and requests received a simple yes or no, some went unanswered but we received an immediate response to our requests from Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan who then acted on his willingness to assist," he added.

Beck said he and PM Imran Khan, together, joined hands to save thousands of innocents who faced death, adding that the two transcended political divides, national boundaries and much more for the people of Afghanistan.

"He took the lead to save innocent lives irrespective of politics, race, religion or culture," said Beck. "No other global leader that we have seen, took such an initiative to leverage his/her position to save the innocent putting humanity before politics and showing how much the great faiths have in common on the bridge of compassion."

Beck, regarded by many as a conspiracy theorist, said the prime minister never once questioned his motives, adding that he tasked Pakistani authorities to quickly intervene to help Beck save evacuate civilians.

Three planes were released by the Taliban

"[PM Imran Khan] was able to make the difference between life and death for those on board the first three aircraft to leave Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan with nearly a thousand civilians on board. Many of them are Americans," he added.

"Because of his tireless leadership and support from the military and civilian resource of Pakistan, three planes were released by the Taliban, who have been businesslike in their responses to adhere to their agreement to let civilian allies of the NATO forces leave the country," said the US commentator.

The American political commentator said that in the days to come, the world will hear much about the lives saved by the Pakistani prime minister via safe evacuations from Afghanistan. He said all of them are worth "the time, energy, money, passion and love spent by so many people, organizations and the PM of Pakistan."

He thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for saving thousands in Afghanistan, adding that his noble efforts should be recognised.

US should collectively recognise Pakistan's assistance

"The US should collectively recognise Pakistan's assistance at this juncture. We will not allow anyone to forget this moment that enabled America and its allies to make good on their promises to those that helped them without pause or reflection," he added.

Concluding his message, Beck said that there should be no two doubts that the FIFA, Afghan Women's Soccer and Olympic teams have been safely evacuated because of PM Imran Khan's efforts.

Beck promised to share the letters he exchanged with PM Imran Khan on his radio show tonight.

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