Ushna Shah hits two million followers on Instagram

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August 01, 2021

Ushna Shah hits two million followers on Instagram

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Ushna Shah has crossed two million followers on Instagram and become one of the few Pakistani celebrities to hit the milestone.

The TV actress follows only 916 on the photo and video sharing app where she has shared 1001 posts.

The lost post shared by the actress read a quote which is attributed to actor and screenwriter Wenworth Miller. It reads "Entertainers are there to entertain. They aren't there to teach your children the lessons that you haven't bothered to teach them at home yourself."

Ushna Shah shared the quote with a caption that read, "apney bachey khud palein" and then added, "How we live our lives off screen is our business.. and if it’s god enough for the children in our family to see, but not good enough for yours, then take away your children’s Instagram or ban them from our pages."

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