Jessica Alba touches on therapy sessions with daughter Honor

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July 24, 2021

Jessica Alba tugs at heartstrings by explaining ]the real reason she goes to therapy with daughter Honor

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Jessica Alba touches on therapy sessions with daughter Honor

Jessica Alba recently weighed in on her decision to go to therapy with her daughter Honor.

The star got candid over it all during an interview with Katherine Schwarzenegger for her new Instagram series Before, During & After Baby.

“How I think I was raised, or sort of the dynamics of how children were treated when I was growing up, and even my parents, was, you know, the kids basically speak when they're spoken to, they have the 'kid table' whenever there's a family gathering, and you just sort of stay out of the way and do what you're told.”

“I think this new way of parenting is like, [kids] want to be seen and heard as individuals basically as soon as they start having any kind of consciousness or thoughts or opinions. It starts early. I take the approach of making sure they understand boundaries and respect but trying to see them each individually and meet them where they are.”

“Like my 13 year old, I'm struggling with not treating her like a little [kid]— I want to treat them all like babies. I want to baby them. Still my tendency is to parent them as if they are little.”

“I started going to therapy with her I think when she was 11. For me it was really out of, I felt like my relationship really suffered with my parents because they didn't know how to communicate with me and how I needed to be parented. So I didn't want that breakdown with Honor so we went to therapy together.”

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