Alessia Cara touches on gut wrenching struggles with public disapproval: ‘I needed to learn’

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July 24, 2021

Alessia Cara weighs in on her struggles with anxiety and panic attacks during the start of her career

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Alessia Cara recently got candid about some of her biggest struggles when attempting to stand her ground in front of industry insiders during the start of her career.

The singer got candid while sitting down for an interview with People (the TV show) and was also quoted saying, “It was was hard to stand my ground because I was so young and I was so new and people have a vision of what you should be.”

“The public is always judging me and talking about the way I look and this and that, so that, for me was a statement of like, I can do this. And I can also do that.”

“I still belong here because it's about the things I'm saying. Listen to what I'm saying.”

Now things have become a lot different for the singer, for while “I have days where I hate everything, and I don't even want to leave my bed. I hate everything. But then there's other times where I feel a lot more comfortable and more confident. I feel like overall I have a new lightness to life.”

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