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June 11, 2021

There is no value of sincerity and love in this materialistic world. She is out of my life forever. I will never fall in love again....

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My best friend is no more

Dear Guru,

I am a 19-year-old college going boy. I am from a broken family. I have one older brother who is 21 years old. We live with our father and we have a house maid who looks after our needs. My mother took divorce from my father when I was 14 and my elder brother was 16. We needed our mother at that time but she deserted us and did not even think how we would survive without her. That was the biggest trauma of my life and it took me two years to get back to normalcy. I even attended therapy sessions. All these years my childhood best friend P supported me. He was with me when I was going through emotional crisis. I used to share with him all my worries and all my secrets. He was full of life and everyone enjoyed his company. Alas, last month he died in a car accident. He was with three other friends. All of them survived except for him. It was so shocking. I cannot describe in words how devastating the experience was for me – attending his funeral and saying goodbye to him forever. It’s been three weeks now and I am still in shock. It’s hard to accept that my best friend is no more. He was my confidant and we had a great bonding. I don’t know how I am going to live without him. After my parents’ divorce, this is the second tragedy in my life. When my mother left, P was with me. But now that P has gone, who is going to wipe my tears away? I am in deep depression.

Friend in Grief

Dear Friend in Grief,

I am so sorry for your loss, dear. I truly understand your feelings and sympathise with you. Life is so unpredictable; but it is our belief that we all have to go back to our Creator one day – some go early and some go late. It was your friend’s time to leave this fickle world. It was sudden and shocking for you but we don’t have a say in God’s system. I know you are feeling lonely and depressed but you cannot be more depressed than P’s parents who have lost their young son. It’s a testing time for them. They need their son’s friends around them, especially at this time. If you really loved your friend, then it is your turn to do something for his parents. Visit them frequently and spend as much time with them as you can. Sit and talk to them, share P’s best memories with them. I am sure they will feel happy when they see you around. It will also help you in coming out of depression. If you wipe away their tears, it will also give you inner peace. As they say, time is a great healer; slowly and gradually you will become busy with your life but yes, but his memories will always live in your heart. Good luck!

She is out of my life forever

Salam Guru,

I am a 26-year-old boy. I work in a private firm. I am from a middle-class family. I have been in love with a very pretty girl, Z. She is my colleague. She knows that I am crazy about her. I have all the intentions to marry her, but I have come to know that she is having an affair with our boss’s son, K, who has recently come from abroad. Z knows that if she marries K, she will become rich instantly, whereas I am still in the struggling phase. I have also heard that their engagement is going to take place next month. Guru, I am so hurt. There is no value of sincerity and love in this materialistic world. She is out of my life forever. I will never fall in love again.

Heart Broken

Dear Heart Broken,

I can understand your feelings. It’s but natural for you to get angry. But, dear, this is life. You cannot blame her completely, as it was a one-sided affair. Only you loved her and she enjoyed your attention. Actually, she was an opportunist. When she met K; she knew he was a good catch for her. She did not deserve your love, but not all girls are alike. There are many who prefer love over money. So don’t feel dejected. Keep your options open. You never know, you may find a girl much better than Z.

Good luck!

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