No one can save the PTI government now, says Bilawal Bhutto

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March 04, 2021

Bilawal says he will tell PM Imran Khan 'when and where will the no-confidence motion take place.'

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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari speaking during a press conference on Thursday, March 4, in Islamabad. Photo: Screengrab via Geo News.

ISLAMABAD: PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Thursday said that after the defeat of PTI's Abdul Hafeez Shaikh in the Senate election, no one would be able to save the government now.

Bilawal was addressing a press conference in Islamabad, alongside PPP leader Yousaf Raza Gillani, during which he claimed that PM Imran Khan's own allies and MNAs have rejected him in the Senate elections.

As reported by, Bilawal went on to say that the "incompetent, illegal government" only brought pain and suffering to the people of Pakistan and claimed that "every citizen of the country celebrated the victory of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM)" after Gillani defeated PTI's Abdul Hafeez Sheikh in the Senate elections.

He said that Imran Khan had promised to dissolve the assembly if he lost the Islamabad Senate seat but now that it's time to take the decision, the premier is scared.

"He's a coward and he is afraid of elections," Bilawal claimed. "After backtracking from the statement of dissolving the assembly, he is now creating a new drama by seeking a vote of confidence from the parliament."

"You will not be making decisions any more," Bilawal said to PM Khan. "I will tell you when and where will the no-confidence motion take place."

The PPP chairman said that the Opposition will carry on its fight against the incumbent government and will continue to expose its [wrongdoing], adding that "no one would be able to save the PTI-led government now."

Bilawal also claimed that he knows each and every MNA as well as the votes that were cast against him.

"I know which MNAs voted against the government because their conscience told them to do so," Bilawal said. "I also know who voted against the government out of spite for Imran Khan and Hafeez Sheikh."

'Will take the fight to the election of Senate chairman'

Bilawal Bhutto also said that the PDM will take its fight to the election of the Senate chairman, adding that the Opposition will "not spare PM Khan."

Bilawal added that he had a chance to hold a discussion with the leaders of all parties a night before and said that everyone has mutually decided to continue their fight against the government.

"We will fight together and will give a tough time to the government. I have said this time and again that all decisions taken by the PDM are through mutual consensus."

"As soon as the PDM will decide, we will start a no-confidence motion."

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