Karachi: Police nab 7 'White Corolla' gang suspects over string of house robberies

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January 20, 2021

Ferozeabad police arrest the culprits after receiving a tipoff from the Madadgar 15 helpline

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KARACHI: Seven suspects who are thought to belong to the most-wanted "White Corolla" gang have been arrested, police confirmed on Tuesday.

According to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) East, Sajid Saduzai, the suspects were robbing a house earlier in the day when Ferozeabad police took immediate action on a tipoff received on the Madadgar 15 helpline.

When the police officers reached the spot, the suspects started firing shots as a result of which, four accused — identified as Aziz-ur-Rehman, Abdullah, Noor Ali, and Javed — were injured in retaliatory firing.

The four, along with three other suspects, identified as Shahid, Sadiq Khan, and Rashid were all taken into custody.

The suspects had entered the house through the backdoor after cutting the metal gates with cutters and other tools.

According to police, a white Corolla car, a motorcycle, cutters, mobile phones, and weapons used in the incident were also recovered from the possession of the suspects.

Moreover, a rifle, two 9mm pistols, and four other pistols were also seized.

Criminal records of the arrested suspects are being verified. Most of them are Afghans while others are locals, police said.

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