Talks with govt unlikely: Sana

December 03, 2020

LAHORE: Pakistan Democratic Movement has announced to hold its public gathering in Lahore on December 13 at all costs.PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah has said this while talking to media...

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LAHORE: Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has announced to hold its public gathering (Jalsa) in Lahore on December 13 at all costs.

PML-N Punjab President Rana Sanaullah has said this while talking to media after the PDM meeting Wednesday. He said the PDM’s Lahore Jalsa will be a referendum against the ‘selected’ and puppet government, adding that this Jalsa will be the last nail in the coffin of the government.

PDM leaders Ahsan Iqbal, Kh Saad Rafique, Rana Sanaullah Khan, Marriyum Aurengzeb, Azma Bukhari, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, Amir Bahadur Khan Hoti, Ch Manzoor, Azizur Rehman Chan and others attended the meeting. The next meeting of the PDM regarding finalisation of arrangements of Lahore Jalsa will be hosted by the PPP on December 7 in Lahore. The meeting reviewed in detail the arrangements for December 13 Jalsa, and took important decisions and discussed strategies.

“December 13, will be the day when people from across the country will come out against this fascist government,” Sanaullah said, adding the upcoming event will determine the country’s future.

He said Pakistan’s future was connected with the Constitution and democracy. “Until free and fair elections and public opinion are recognised in this country, things cannot move forward in a better way,” he maintained and repeated that the Lahore’s Jalsa will set an example for the undemocratic forces in the country. “The strategy of the PDM for holding peaceful public gatherings in continuity has strengthened the movement,” he said and added that the government itself was taking the path of unconstitutional acts and violence. He announced that all the parties in the PDM will perform beyond their strength in the Lahore Jalsa. He said those who were supporting the government will have to take a final decision now. He further said all the parties were making arrangements for Lahore Jalsa with their limited sources. “Those who fed Imran Khan all his life have now robbed billions of rupees from the pockets of general public in the shape of sugar, flour and medicine scandals,” he further added.

He said the PDM will not stop till ousting the government and commented that the PDM’s leadership has declared that any talks with the government will not be fruitful so there is no need to hold talks.

PDM leader Abdul Ghafoor Haideri said since the formation of the government, the united opposition has rejected the legitimacy of the government and declared it selected, unworthy and an incompetent government.

“Instead of giving five million houses and 10 million jobs, millions of people have become unemployed and homeless during the first two and a half years,” he said and alleged that like the general election, the recent elections of Gilgit-Baltistan were rigged in a pre-planned manner.

The government was heading towards confrontation, said PDM leader Abdul Ghafoor Haideri while quoting Maulana Fazlur Rehman and added that if state machinery and force including police and administration was used before Lahore’s upcoming rally, the PDM workers will also use their sticks against the government.

PPP Punjab General Secretary Ch Manzoor said the government has arrested farmers in Lahore while a professor was also arrested. He said all parties in the PDM were preparing for Lahore Jalsa. PML-N Punjab spokesperson Azma Bukhari said the PDM didn’t need any permission from Lahore’s district administration to hold a public rally on December 13, at Minar-e-Pakistan. She said holding peaceful protests was the constitutional right of the PDM for which no approval was needed.

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