Royal kids George, Charlotte, Louis slapped with strict food restrictions: report

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November 25, 2020

Royal children are reportedly forced to adhere to a number of restrictions when it comes to the food they eat

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Royal kids George, Charlotte, Louis slapped with strict food restrictions: report

Royal children have to make great adjustments in their diet and many of them are not so kid friendly in the eyes of royal fans.

With Queen Elizabeth’s reign clocking in at 68 years, at this point she has a developed a rather stern approach towards royal children’s' dietary needs. She makes sure royal kids, as well as their mothers, receive a well-balanced meal with no packaged foods or excessive spices.

According to the royal chef, Darren McGrady, who prepared meals for both Prince Harry and Prince William, “Their first meals [were] steamed apples and pears from the queen’s Sandringham country retreat.” During his interview he even explained to Today how the young royal’s fruit dishes would all be hand-puréed, for every meal.

Another report by Metro reiterates the Queen’s strict guidelines on food, explaining how, “One chef in the palace kitchen would puree chicken, lamb, or beef and another would do the same with cooked vegetables such as peas, carrots, and cauliflower.”

Things that have been totally banned in royal households however are garlic and packaged foods. Both new mothers and young royal kids are fed an organic diet filled with additional nutrients for the wellbeing of both.

While many kids might fuss over having to eat healthy, Prince William and Kate’s kids are the complete opposite. Princess Charlotte is a huge fan of olives, curry, and potatoes and Prince Louis is a big fan of beetroot.

During an interview on the Berry Royal Christmas Special Kate even discussed her kids tastes at length and explained how since “We grow our own vegetables, beetroot–a massive favorite” is something Louis loves.

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