'Miscarriage news easier to keep secret as Meghan Markle made royal exit'

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November 25, 2020

The expert claims that Meghan Markle would have had a difficult time keeping the secret in the royal family

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Royal expert Chris Ship has said that news Meghan Markle's tragic miscarriage would have been made public a while ago if she was still part of the royal family.

In day-time show Good Morning Britain, a question was raised as to how such major news was kept private for many months.

The expert said that since the her and Prince Harry have been making appearances via video calls, the public was uninformed of the news.

"Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have continued to do certain things but most of the things they have done has been on video calls and facetime," Ship said.

He added that despite their choice to remain indoors, the news would have been very difficult to keep hidden from the public if they were part of the royal family.

"You will remember the picture that they took on remembrance Sunday when they went to the Los Angeles National Cemetery, some people criticised that. We haven't seen them that much in public so I suppose it is a lot easier to keep something like this private. Perhaps much easier than it would have been were they still in the Royal Family."

The expert also lauded Meghan for channeling her grief as a means to reach out to other people who are on the same boat.

"It is a very tragic account and she writes very powerfully about loss. She writes about her and Harry's heartbreak as they experience this. She wrote that so many people have suffered a very similar thing," he said.

"She relates a lot of it to the loss people have felt this year due to coronavirus."

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