JBS introduces WFH policy

By Our Correspondent
November 10, 2020

KARACHI: Integrated IT solutions provider Jaffer Business Systems (Pvt) Ltd recently put together a new WFH (work from home) policy to facilitate employees, a statement said on Monday.

The post-pandemic work landscape has caused most businesses to rethink and remodel their operational approach, it added. With it, the company intends to fully embrace the remote and hybrid working phenomenon, while doing away with the “body-in-seat mindset”.

Team JBS will now have the flexibility to work from anywhere without the compulsion to clock-in and clock-out every day. For the most part, showing up to the office will only be required if absolutely necessary.

Veqar Ul Islam, CEO of JBS, said: “The new normal is all about using technology to achieve desired outcomes. In this regard, our novel work-from-anywhere policy aims for flexibility, productivity enhancement, and trust-building so that everyone can perform to the best of their abilities.”

“We’re also looking to reduce micromanagement by doing away with the concept of seat-warmers. This will help build a more engaging and employee-centric culture. As a result, we’d be able to advance aggressively towards our strategy framework of growth, excellence, and innovation.”

Under the new policy, employees can work from home for as many as three days a week. There’s also no real focus on attendance or tracking the number of hours worked. Instead, the emphasis is on meeting deadlines and achieving established goals/targets/objectives.

COVID-19 has accelerated the rise of remote and hybrid working. Professionals today also demand greater flexibility. Being time-bound and site-bound can be a turn-off for them, it said.