Nicole Kidman forced producers to cast Joaquin Phoenix on 'To Die For' with insane gambit

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September 29, 2020

Nicole Kidman once took a large leap of faith for Joaquin Phoenix gets cast alongside her on 'To Die For'

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Nicole Kidman recently revealed the mastermind behind getting Joaquin Phoenix cast for the dark comedy film To Die For.

While Joaquin Phoenix became a teenage heartthrob overnight, directors and officials were reportedly not very keen on casting him for the movie To Die For.

Apparently it was all Nicole Kidman’s doing. The actress reportedly played a hard gambit which payed off and ended up quitting the film till officials agreed to cast Phoenix on the project.

Kidman spoke to Yahoo Entertainment in great detail and was quoted saying, “I remember [director Gus Van Sant] and I having to fight to get Joaquin cast in it. I remember we both had to quit the film to get him cast in it.” But “Now, I think they’re very glad they cast him.”

For the unversed, the 25-year-old classic film To Die For is a book adaptation and was remade for the silver screen by Buck Henry.

Kidman stars as an ambitious broadcasting diva who ends up in a relationship with Phoenix all as part of her ploy to get the kid to murder her husband.

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