Sushant Singh’s family helplessly watches death investigation being sidetracked

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September 26, 2020

Sushant Singh’s family feels helpless seeing investigations into his death get sidetracked

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Sushant Singh’s legal team is reportedly at its wits end and has set out to question the judiciary and its tactics in regards to the actor’s death investigation.

Reportedly, even the actor’s family feels helpless as they watch as the matter gets sidetracked as compared to the big drug raid of Bollywood.

During a press conference, the late actor’s lawyers told ANI, "The family feels that the investigation is going in such a way that the truth is not coming out. The NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) case has become like the Mumbai Police investigation, all stars are now being called. The people called in and not are a part of a syndicate and not distributors. It is just a Mumbai Police type of investigation. Sushant's case has taken a back seat.”

The representative also added, "The family feels that the probe is being taken in a different direction. All attention is being diverted towards the drugs case. AIIMS doctor told me that Sushant's death was by strangulation.”

The representative, Vikas Singh also questioned the Central Bureau of Investigation and asked why their investigation was not on track with the case, "Why is CBI converting this to murder from abetment? The investigation is not on track. I will not say I am not happy with CBI, but it's the lack of importance that the case is getting is what I am worried about. The forensics response of the AIIMS should be made public that is what will satisfy the family.”

He concluded by saying, "Today, we are helpless as we don't know in which direction the case is going. Till today, CBI has not done a press briefing on what they have found out. I am not happy with the speed at which the case is going.”

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