Taapsee Pannu touches on the ‘endless debates about insider vs outsider’ in Bollywood

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September 22, 2020

Taapsee Pannu reveals how she made her mark within Bollywood as an ‘outsider’

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Taapsee Pannu touches on the ‘endless debates about insider vs outsider’ in Bollywood

While Taapsee Pannu is a poster child for outsiders hoping to make it big within Bollywood, the door is not as straight laced as many aspiring actors have hoped over the years. Taapsee recently shared her own experiences within the industry and cited herself as an example while distancing herself from the nepotism debate.

During her interview with the Times of India, Taapsee gave her personal opinion on the nepotism debate and shared her story as an outside who ‘made it’ through patience and hard work.

"It is how you have seen it. There have been ups and downs. We keep having these endless debates about insider vs outsider but nobody really knows the solution to it and even if you do, it is not that it can be implemented because the choice of a film is a very subjective thing."

"You cannot say that just because that person is a star kid, he is the right choice for the film. You also cannot say an outsider would suit the film the best. If you do, the tables will turn. So this debate does not have a foolproof solution to it. It is about your conscience. It is about how true you are to the way of working."

During the course of the interview the actress used her own example and explained how luck is such an important factor in making a name within Bollywood. "My journey has been a testament to the fact that I have been patient and hard working. It is also luck because I feel 70 percent of the time it is luck that gets you films.”

She concluded by saying, “The remaining 30 percent is how you misuse that luck. Do not take the opportunities you get for granted. Being an outsider, you have to be really on your toes because you cannot let go of even a single opportunity because you never know which opportunity will give a new direction to your career."

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