Lady Gaga accidentally hurts Ariana Grande during 'Rain On Me' music video

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August 07, 2020

Lady Gaga accidentally scratched Ariana Grande's eye during 'Rain On Me' music video

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Lady Gaga has shared 'some of the fun' she and Ariana Grande had while making the music video for their track 'Rain On Me'.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, it was revealed that, during their dance rehearsal for the music video, Gaga accidentally scratched Grande's eye with her sharp manicure.

'I shanked her with my nail by accident [while] dancing,' admitted Gaga, 34, regrettably to her choreographer Richard Jackson, while Grande, 27, checked out her injured eye in her phone's front camera.

'Lady Gaga scratched my eye. It's an honor. I hope it scars,' joked Grande, as she laid out on the dance floor.

Ariana attempted to shake off the scratch, but Gaga went full mama bear mode and insisted the 'Dangerous Woman' singer apply some Neosporin to her injury.

'You scratched my eye,' repeated Grande in a mocking tone, to which Gaga replied: 'You scratched my heart.'

It looks hard. It looks like I was in an action movie,' continued Grande, before being pranced on by a Neosporin wielding Lady Gaga.

'You have a scratch on your face! You can't get infected before the video! Please let me put some Neosporin on it!,' screamed Gaga as she chased Ariana out of the studio.

While watching back footage, Gaga complimented Ariana for her dance moves. The pair exchanged plenty of cute moments on set, including an impromptu gift from Ariana that almost made the Just Dance singer cry.

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