Asma Rani murder case: Sister asks PM Imran, judiciary to provide justice

August 03, 2020

Asma Rani, a third-year medical student, was shot dead near her home for allegedly turning down a marriage proposal

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Asma Rani, a third-year medical student, was shot dead near her home allegedly by Mujahid and his associates. Photo: Reporter

LONDON: Safia Rani, the sister of the murdered doctor from Kohat, Dr Asma Rani, has requested Prime Minister Imran Khan for justice and urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to reinstate murder clauses in her sister’s case, calling it an "act of terrorism".

In early 2018, Dr Asma Rani was killed in Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), while former chief justice Saqib Nisar had taken suo motu notice of the incident.

Last week, the apex court ordered to continue the trial for the murder of medical student Asma Rani in a regular court rather than an anti-terrorism court (ATC).

The directives were issued after a three-member bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Justice Mushir Alam, heard the case after the defence counsel for the accused, Mujahid Afridi, argued that the victim was killed over personal enmity after she turned down a marriage proposal from the suspect.

Safia, who is studying law at a local college in the UK, said that her sister was killed by Mujahid Afridi, Sadiqullah Afridi and Shahzaib Khattak for turning down a marriage proposal. She said the accused terrorised the whole family and the area in broad daylight and gunned down her sister.

“That was terrorism. That was an open violation of the laws of Pakistan. The killers ruined our lives. I appeal to the apex court to look into our request. We want this trial conducted in an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) and sections of terrorism in the FIR to be reinstated," she said.

Safia alleged that PTI leaders Aftab Alam and MNA Sheheryar Afridi, with the police, were supporting the accused.

"The killers have access to telephones in jail. They threaten people who speak for justice for us and stand by us. They have been using phones regularly to call people and threaten them," she said, adding that police allowed the suspects to be released at night so they can spend time with their families.

She said that Afridi gave the accused the 'clean chit' after they absconded to Dubai. "The same is happening now and the murder accused have full government support. I want to bring it to PM Imran Khan’s attention to ask questions to the KP police and his party leaders for their support of killers," she added.

Safia said that it is on record that the KP Police and PTI Kohat chapter President, Aftab Alam, knew about the life threats to her sister Asma. However, she said that nothing was done to stop Mujahid Afridi from killing her. “Things have not changed. Threats to my family continue from the powerful killers. Our lives have been ruined.”

Safia said her parents are poor and don’t have political clout.

"We voted for PTI. We believed in Imran Khan when he said he will make [Pakistan into a state similar to] Madinah Riyasat but we have become disappointed and saddened at the treatment we are getting," she said.

"We have been let down. It’s going to be nearly three years since my sister was killed but we still await justice. I request PM Imran Khan to meet my parents and see their plight and help us get justice," she added.

Asma Rani, a third-year medical student, was shot dead near her home allegedly by Mujahid and his associates. Footage showed Asma in hospital shortly before her death, naming Mujahid as her killer.

Safia accused Mujahid of terrorising her sister to marry him. Asma had refused the proposal as she wanted to pursue her studies and become a surgeon, said her sister.

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