Prince Charles almost called off his wedding with Princess Diana terming her a ‘child’

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July 07, 2020

Charles thought marriage with Princess Diana would prove to be a big mistake

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Prince Charles almost called off his wedding with Princess Diana calling her a ‘child’

Princess Diana’s life was filled with turbulence ever since she tied the knot to Prince Charles.

And while the couple’s shaky ties were no news for the world, many details about their relationship and the unfair treatment given to Diana by Charles, remained hidden from the world.

According to new details coming afloat, prior to their marriage, the Prince of Wales almost called off the wedding, referring to Diana as a ‘child.’

According to Express, a documentary about the royals disclosed that Charles had confided in his friends about his apprehensions of tying the knot to Diana, saying he felt that she was still a “child” and certainly not old enough to get married.

It was revealed further that he thought the move would prove to be a big mistake.

“She is exquisitely pretty, a perfect poppy. But she is a child. She does not look old enough to be out of school, much less married,” Charles had reportedly said.

However, he wasn’t the only one close to backing out as the princess too had reportedly told her sisters a day before the wedding that she does not wish to go with it anymore.

Her sisters managed to help her get through with it by telling her that it was too late to back out now.

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