Taapsee Pannu eager to resume shoots after a ‘go-ahead’ in Maharashtra

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July 02, 2020

Taapsee Pannu is looking forward to getting back into filming after the ban officially lifts in Maharashtra

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Taapsee Pannu eager to resume shoots post a ‘go-ahead’ in Maharashtra

With the Maharashtra government giving the go-ahead for everyone to resume daily activities and even film shoots, Taapsee Pannu seems to be on cloud nine with the news and is looking forward to resuming work such a long socially distant break.

During an interview with Hindustan Times, the actress claimed, “As many people as possible need to be employed as per the guidelines. We can’t just stop shooting because it’s not in the so-called comfort zone. Eventually, everyone wants to work. No one will stop, saying ‘one is allowed, two can’t, so we won’t go to work’, we have to find a way under the guidelines. Nobody wants to stop working now after sitting home for two-three months.”

Although COVID-19 cases are still rising across India, Taapsee is excited to resume her day to day life because it serves as a ‘positive sign’ for all things going back to normal.

She states, “I’m happy that at least we have a go-ahead. The producer will have to put the logistics together in the new rules, get permissions, that will be the first step. Then put things together with restrictions in public transport, locations. It will take some time for this prep work to happen and movies to actually begin.”

However, that does not mean the actress does not hope for people to still continue to ‘strictly’ follow social distancing laws. For “It should be there regardless of corona [Coronavirus], something which people should bring into their lives.”

“This is not just about the disease now, it prevents you from a lot of other problems, too. I think social distancing will take time, it’s better we start getting mindful.”

She also touched upon the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system for that is one of the most effective means of maintaining safety from any and all illnesses. “I can’t guarantee the health of people working with me, or when I’m walking around. I can take care of my body health not just by staying indoors, but also by working out right, and keeping the fitness high, that is all you can do.”

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