Taapsee Pannu reveals life’s hardships and impactful moments

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June 02, 2020

Taapsee Pannu recently admitted to some troubling times and some of her most impactful moments

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Taapsee Pannu reveals life’s hardships and impacting moments.

Taapsee Pannu has always been rather vocal about how she made it to the top, and recently she was spotted speaking at length about her experiences in life.

Speaking about her life’s journey, Taapsee touched upon her nature as a foodie, friendships she encountered, rejection and her numerous experiences working in many spheres of Bollywood.

During her interview with Pink, the actor reminisced upon her life-changing journey. She said, "When I was shooting for the courtroom sequences for my movie Pink and when I said the line 'kisko accha lagta hai ki koi chue zabardasti (who would like it if someone touches them without consent)' that entire interrogation between me and Mr. Bachchan there, I also didn't realize that I wasn't acting. By that time I had psyched myself out enough to believe that I was a victim of molestation."

Recalling her experience of the scene shooting, she added: "I was standing there in front of hundreds of people who are questioning my character right now and talking about my virginity and all those taboo things that we don't discuss in an open court."

She further said, "After that scene got over and the cut was called, I had already broken down in the scene and the entire audience was clapping and Bachchan sir came and hugged me. That day I realized that this can do a lot more to me than what was happening all this while. I have to keep myself open to letting it affect me. That's what I did in most of my films after that."

"Every film psyches me out a little because of letting it hit me like that but the output I see is so worth it that I am okay to pay that price of being an actor," the actress concluded.

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