Janhvi Kapoor reveals how ‘protective’ Khushi is towards her during lockdown

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May 28, 2020

Janhvi Kapoor opens up about her rather ‘immature’ role in the family and Khushi Kapoor’s ‘protectiveness’

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Janhvi Kapoor reveals how ‘protective’ Khushi is towards her during lockdown. Photo: TImes of India

Amid Bollywood sibling duo’s Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor are one of the most popular, and during their time stuck at home in quarantine, the sisters are have been keeping it real.

During a recent chat with Filmfare the actor revealed that she is more ‘immature’ out of the two of them while Khushi is a more ‘protective’ sibling.

Janhvi admitted, “I am like the imbecile, immature, childish younger sister somehow and she is the protective, sensible, independent older sister. She takes me seriously with my work, which is the only time she takes me seriously. That is a big moment in our relationship.”

She also admitted, “I am cooking, watching films amid the lockdown. Khushi has suddenly started doing this TikTok thing. She is only doing that. Suddenly at 3 am, she is doing her makeup and making these TikTok videos. I think we’re very close to losing it but we’re hanging by a thread.”

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