Ellen DeGeneres 'pushed' Mariah Carey into revealing pregnancy before miscarriage

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May 27, 2020

A resurfaced interview of Mariah Carey on Ellen DeGeneres's show has been circulating

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Ellen DeGeneres’s social repute faces a new stain everyday as startling revelations about her alleged hypocrisy seem to be coming afloat after every few days.

A resurfaced interview has been circulating the internet which shows the chat show host ‘forcing’ American singer Mariah Carey to break news about her pregnancy.

The 2008-interview, labelled ‘cringe-worthy’ by netizens, shows Ellen continuously delving into personal details of the singer after rumours went rife about her expecting a baby.

Despite Mariah’s hesitance on admitting she was with child, Ellen kept wheedling it out of her. And when that didn’t work, she decided to test the news out herself by offering her some alcoholic beverage.

"People are saying you’re pregnant. There’s rumours. Let’s toast to you not being pregnant if you’re not pregnant,” Ellen had said.

“Don’t discuss that. This is peer pressure,” Mariah said. Ellen, however, kept cajoling the singer into taking a sip of the bubbly.

However, Mariah held the glass to her lips and said it was “too early” for a drink. This confirmed Ellen’s speculation and the studio audience went into a frenzy.

Weeks later, the singer had a miscarriage and stayed mum about the tragic incident up until 2010 when she was pregnant again.

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