Janhvi Kapoor still clings to her late mother Sridevi's smell in her dressing room

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March 31, 2020

Janhvi Kapoor wrote a moving note during her period in self-quarantine, appreciating little things in her life

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Janhvi Kapoor wrote a moving note during her period in self-quarantine, appreciating little things in her life

During these testing times of the coronavirus, a majority of the world has been confined within their homes where they cling on to their families for emotional support.

However, Bollywood starlet Janhvi Kapoor and all those who had to bear the loss of their loved ones in the past, are spending their period in isolation clinging on to their memories.

Remembering her late mother and veteran Bollywood actor Sridevi, the Dhadak actor wrote a moving note during her period in self-quarantine.

Sharing the note, Janhvi wrote how she has learned to appreciate people in her life and has her eyes opened towards the privilege she was born with. She further mentioned how she treasures her father’s sacrifices and how he stayed up waiting for her and how her mother’s smell still lingers in her dressing room.

Along with the note, Janhvi added the caption: “Also learnt that I like to write... p.s. wrote this 3 days ago since we started self-isolating a little before the lockdown and it had already been a week for me by then.”

Here is the full note:

"Things I’ve learnt after a week of self isolation."

"I’ve learnt to value the food that I eat. It’s a blessing to have things in excess and abundance the way that I do. But not knowing If our house ration will last long enough till lockdown ends, knowing someone’s risking their health every time they go to buy groceries- makes me worry in a way I’ve never had to before. Still I have it better than most in these conditions, and I’ve had it better than most do in life.. I’ve learnt I have been selfish and irresponsible.

"Eve learned that my father misses me. Before lockdown, whenever he was home; he would wail for me and Khushi to come back from work or from meetings or from our friends houses to spend time with us. I would never see him wait. But when I wake up now and go across the hall and see him alone on the sofa smiling because he has us to himself the whole day, I can picture him sitting in the same place wailing alone for us to come home.

"I’ve learned that I relied on too many people for too many things, For vanity, for my health, for my entertainment. I took for granted the fact that I could travel, by foot, in a car or on a plane. All of these things are luxuries. That became daily life. That than became necessities.

"I’ve learnt that this house needs me. I’ve learnt to be responsible for my people. I need to look out for everyone in my house, because their health affects my health which affects my father’s health. I’ve learnt that I want to look out for them because I love them. And they’ve been looking out for me every single day. I’ve learnt that our job has conditioned in us a constant need to be seen. And it’s nice not to be for sometime.

"I’ve learnt that I feel my most liberated in this lockdown. It’s liberating to know you don’t really need all the things you thought you did. To be free from all the plans and anxieties, all the things I thought I needed to do and say and hear to feel good about myself.

"I’ve learnt that there are many hours In the day. I’ve learnt that I can still smell my mother in her dressing room. I’ve learnt that I’m a better painter in my head than in real life. I’ve learnt that Khushi is definitely the cooler sister. I’ve learnt that I have the funniest friends in the world. I’ve learnt that I don’t need a reformer to workout and stay fit. I’ve learnt that music can help you get through anything. l’ve learnt that the human mind is a globe in itself with infinite travel destinations and adventures and possibilities.

"I’ve learnt that I love movies. More than I love anything. I love watching them, and thinking about them and dreaming about them. I love life. And it’s precious, and fragile. And I’ve been blessed with a great one. I look forward to everything that this process is going to make me value again. I encourage all of you to be open to it if you can afford to because most people don’t know how they are going to survive this."

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