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M. Shirazi
March 31, 2020

This week You! takes a look at some creative beauty trends that are all the rage this season....

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Did you know that makeup trends are almost always driven by nature? Autumn is all about warm ochre and umber tones while in winter we're drawn to either frosty, shimmery shades or dark ones.

Come spring and summer we opt for pastels and vivid primary colours. When a new season rolls in, it's out with the old and in with the new; be it updating our wardrobes or going for a trendy beauty regime. As far as beauty and hair techniques are concerned, one also gets the urge to try the latest trends. This season ditch your signature style and add some oomph to your overall look. Read on to find out a few stunning hair and makeup trends that you can flaunt this spring...

Floating eyeliners

As universally flattering as the cat-eye is, sometimes it's good to think outside the box and play with something a little more abstract. Enter: floating liner. This eyeliner is the new winged eyeliner trend you need to try this season.

Floating eyeliner makes use of the negative space on the eyes to create a flicked look. Swipes of pigment applied above the lid, these liner strokes give off the illusion of 'floating' between the crease and the brow.

Floating liner can be relatively minimal in concept, but it gives a big effect. Use any coloured or black eyeliner to create the look. The trick is to keep your chin up and eyes low.

Goth glam

Goth lip colours are trending this season. The trend was witnessed at various fashion weeks with ace designers opting for a lip that popped, both to complement equally bold statements and to stand out against more minimalist looks. It is time to bid adieu to pink lipsticks and swipe on a vampy hue like dark violet or maroon (that looks almost black) instead. It looks totally cool, especially against neutral clothes.

Two-toned eyelids

It seems like dramatic eyes are here to stay. When it comes to eye shadow, using two hues is better than one.

And luckily, two-toned eye makeup is definitely on-trend in 2020 as proven by the number of fashion runways it has graced this year.

Two-toned eye makeup can add a whole lot of dimension to your overall beauty look. All you have to do is choose two shades you like - a light and a dark shade that complement each other.

The whole point is to add depth. Dust the shadows across the eyes and finish the look with a black winged eye liner and loads of mascara.

Subtle smokey eyes

This season is all about the subtle smokey eye makeup. According to beauty experts, this trend can really open up and lift any eye shape, especially those with puffy lids. If you are opting for matte eye shadows, make sure to slightly highlight the inner corner of your eyes.

When we talk about smokey eyes, that doesn't mean that black is your only option. A deep chocolate brown works perfectly to create depth as well as open the eye and give it shape, without being too overpowering. Remember that blending is the key to creating a stunning smokey eye look.

Slicked-back hair

If chignons, messy updos and French twists make you shiver - then you are the kind that should try something a little edgier, like the slicked-back hairstyle.

Slicked back hair is one of the biggest trends that we are witnessing this season. You will require a lot of gel and hair spray if you want to pull off this hairstyle.

Apply the gel and comb, pulling hair away from your face and tucking the sides behind your ears to create the slick effect. Spritz a strong hold hairspray over the roots. If you want a wet look finish, you can also add a touch of shine spray.

Half-up hair

A major hair trend this year is the half-up, half-down hair style secured by pins - this trend is inspired by the French girl in the ’70s with flowing volume and modern, wispy waves. Another option is the twisted half-up topknots. This style is all about fluffy, combed-out textures with messy, free-flying buns.

Start by sectioning off your hair from ear to ear - if you want a smaller bun, section your hair from temple to temple - then split the section down the middle, so you're holding hair on each side of your part. Loosely roll each section inward, from your hairline to your crown, pinning in place, then twist and coil the end into a bun on the crown of your head, pinning it in place again.

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