Ali Zafar to release teaser of his new PSL2020 anthem today

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February 24, 2020

Ali Zafar says giving Pakistanis a ‘dance challenege’ which will begin from today

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Versatile singer and actor Ali Zafar has announced that he will release a few ‘dance steps’ on the beat of his new PSL 2020 anthem today (Monday).

While speaking to Geo News, the singer spoke regarding the recent one of the top trends #bhaihazirhai and Bhai aa raha hai in relation to his latest song.

“In a while or in a few days we will have a hashtag saying that Shahkarhazirhai (masterpiece is here),” said the singer, confirming that the much-awaited song is ready.

“At 6pm on my Twitter, I will put up a few dance steps on the same beat (similar to his previous PSL songs). And the public should copy those dance steps and after copying them (dance steps) they should record it on their mobile phones or cameras,” he said while dishing out the public ‘a dance challenge’.

Responding to the host’s query, Ali Zafar said that the new song is a based on a dance theme.

“Tempo and beat is same as previous ones,” revealed Zafar, adding that he is giving Pakistanis a ‘dance challenge’ which will begin from today.

When asked to share the lyrics of the song, the singer said that they should come as a surprise, particularly the main line of the song.

Discussing the weight of expectations regarding the new PSL anthem, Zafar said that the music was conceptualised and executed within a very short time.

“Seeti Bajaygi was a big hit among other songs too, whenever a singer or composer or actor-performer is affiliated with a huge hit project it creates immense pressure to maintain the streak,” he shared.

Ali Zafar also shared a sneak peak on Instagram.

The songs of the first three PSL seasons were sung by Ali Zafar. Of all the PSL songs made so far, Ali Zafar's 2017 tune named Ab Khel Jamay Ga remains by far the biggest hit.

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