Sara Ali Khan reveals her secrets to successful acting and its hidden subtleties

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February 20, 2020

Sara Ali Khan reveals her secrets to a successful acting career and the hidden subtleties that encompass it

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Sara Ali Khan reveals her secrets to successful acting and its hidden subtleties

Sara Ali Khan is a rather an articulate girl, who has remained positive throughout all her experiences with polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD).

“The audience is intelligent. They recognize that as actors, our job is to convincingly tell stories. We don’t have to showcase our personal lives and belief systems on camera,” the 24-year-old reveals.

During a conversation with News18, Sara shared her thoughts on the reactions she revealed after her recent film Love Aaj Kal released. She has “always maintained that as an actor, I think my job is done before the release of the film.”

The actor feels that cinema is an art and should be viewed as a medium, through which a director paints a picture to express stories within his arsenal.

She stated, “I am here to tell something which might be a representation, inspiration, motivation or it might be a foil. Different characters are written for different reasons.”

As an actor, Sara learned very early on that she should never judge the characters she portrays on screen. “Because for human beings in general, self introspection is an idea we want to work towards, not something we do inherently. We don’t really judge ourselves very often. And to do justice to any character on screen, it’s important to not do that.”

She went on to say, “I don’t think movies are the medium for actors to play role models. Actors have different platforms to do that and embody larger concepts through themselves.”

Sara has also learned a lot about criticism after facing flak over one of her dialogues. The dialogue in question has become the butt of every joke, and a rather popular meme as well. It talks about wanting to go home with an exasperated fit of crying.

Sara concluded by saying, “I am totally fine now. Whenever you see something different, it is immediately jarring. Somewhere down the line, the archetypical heroine cries beautifully. She has to be a bit demure, coy, beautiful, aesthetic, even in her most emotional and vulnerable scenes."

"My character looks ugly when she cries, she is loud and aggressive, because people can be that. People who are trying to put you down just for the sake of it, you shouldn’t give them the satisfaction of doing it, just move forward," she added.

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