Fatyana ‘advises’ people to give up sugar, reduce bread consumption

February 20, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The government is facing serious allegations of corruption and malpractices in sugar, flour and ghee crisis which is added cause for unbearable price hike on one end, while on the other,...

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ISLAMABAD: The government is facing serious allegations of corruption and malpractices in sugar, flour and ghee crisis which is added cause for unbearable price hike on one end, while on the other, the government’s legislators are advising the people to give up eating sugar and reduce consumption of bread since avoidance of the both would be good for health.

Riaz Fatiana, a Member of National Assembly from Punjab belonging to the ruling PTI, which his fourth party in a decade, has urged the people to reduce consuming food items, the prices of which the price have shot up.

Speaker KP Assembly Mushtaq Ghani had earlier advised the people to take half bread instead eating two or one. The prime minister had also asked the ISI, IB FIA and other institutions to initiate crackdown against the people responsible for dearness and crisis of food items including flour and sugar.

In a Geo TV programme Aapas Ki Baat hosted by Munib Farooq, Riaz Fatiana said the people should reduce purchasing items which are short or made short in the market. He reminded the people that sugar is a white poison which enhances obesity and causes diabetes. Likewise, reduction in consumption of bread would be helpful in reduction of weight which would be helpful in saving people from certain diseases. He claimed that there is no shortage of flour in any part of the country. Paradoxically, Prime Minister Imran Khan has already conceded that crisis of sugar and flour does exist in the country. Riaz Fatiana also claimed that the government is strong enough and getting strength with every passing day. He said that the opposition is fatigued and facing cases which were registered by the opposition parties against each other in past while in government. He advised the opposition to wait for five years and in the meanwhile, it should concentrate on social services.

Yet in another loud claim, Riaz Fatiana revealed that 60 percent of the youth and 50 percent womenfolk are siding the government. The government is trying to increase export. “We are not talking about the support of any particular institution but spoke of three pillars which are supporting the government.”

He said that the largest number of addicts are in the PPP and in case it levels frivolous allegations against the PTI leadership, then the government reserves the right to respond in the same coin. He said that the prices of items of daily use are coming down. He said the new wheat crop will be reaching the market in 10 to 15 days. He was of the view that the opposition just cannot come to terms with the fact that Jahangir Tareen is rendering marvellous services for the PTI.

Palwasha Khan, Central Deputy Secretary Information of the PPP, who was also participating in the show, asked that if the government thinks that its direction is correct then why is it scared of the opposition and why is it using the threat of Article 6 of the Constitution. Without taking name of Imran Khan, she said that every now and then e is claiming that the institutions are with me since I am not committing any wrong, proves that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s declaring him “selected” wasn’t wrong in any manner. She said that Iman Khan has come in power through clutches support, but the clutches could be used to an extent.

“People are dying of hunger and the whole nation has been thrown in front of IMF’s wolf by chaining its hands,” Palwasha said.

She recalled that whenever the government starts claiming that it is staying and going nowhere, it means its last days have arrived. She said that cocaine factories are being inaugurated and middle class has been vanished from the society.

The Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) leader and former minister of state of interior Talal Chaudhry announced the support of Geo campaign for administering polio vaccination drops but said in lighter vein that first of all polio drops should be given to the government which is limping and cannot stand and which hasn’t earned political puberty.

“I am prepared to administer polio drops to Imran Khan whenever you ask who is trying to impose restrictions on social media,” Talal Chaudhry said.

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