‘Accelerate intelligence-based operations’

February 18, 2020

LAHORE:Punjab IG Shoaib Dastgir chaired RPOs, DPOs video link conference at Central Police Office here on Monday.During the conference, citizens’ complaints, improvements in service delivery...

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LAHORE:Punjab IG Shoaib Dastgir chaired RPOs, DPOs video link conference at Central Police Office here on Monday.

During the conference, citizens’ complaints, improvements in service delivery and matter related to law enforcement came under discussion. The IG said intelligence-based operations against proclaimed offenders, court absconders and anti-social elements should be accelerated throughout the province to protect the lives and properties of the citizens, uphold and maintain the rule of law in the province. DPOs will personally monitor the crackdown against the anti social elements and especially against the drug dealers. He said that the police raiding teams going for raids on hideouts of criminals should go with all the preparations and equipments and if any team went without proper preparation in any district of province, DPO concerned will have to be answerable for it. He said that special teams of police should be formed to arrest the suspects involved in the manufacturing, buying, selling and usage of metallic, chemical thread, kites and operations should be conducted on daily basis in each district and confine the perpetrators. He said the accused who uploaded the videos on social media regarding weapons display and aerial firing deserves no relaxation. Actions to arrest such suspects should be expedited. He said that the proceedings should not be delayed according to the discipline matrix against those circle officers who do not write “Zimni” in the investigation of cases related to heinous crimes. He said that comprehensive strategies and information sharing based operations should be carried out to eliminate the networks of drugs dealers involved in drug trafficking, especially in the surrounding areas and vicinity of educational institutions, big drug dealers should be dealt with iron hands on priority basis and weekly reports of operations against drug dealers should be sent to the Central Police Office regularly.

He emphasised all RPOs and DPOs should take timely measures in their surveillance to prevent gender based crimes against incidents related to women and children and complete investigation of such cases under their own supervision. Moreover effective use of geo-fencing, forensic science and latest investigation techniques for investigation of murder, rape, child abuse and other heinous crimes should be ensured. Forensic science and modern investigative tools should be utilized as a special tool to expedite the culprits involved in such crimes. He added that strict actions should be taken against the violators of loud speaker act, wall chalking and publication of hate materials and speeches etc. He added that the implementation of social media policy issued by the Central Police Office should be strictly ensured. He added that all DPOs should also take special care to ensure that SHOs do not hesitate to take bails at the police stations of the accused involved in the bailable crimes.

He directed the officers while presiding over a seven-hours video link crime meeting at the Central Police Office today. In the conference discussed issues related to citizens' problems, improvements in service delivery and uniform law enforcement in the province.

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