VIRAL: Zayn Malik's lookalike from Pakistan takes internet by storm

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January 24, 2020

Zayn Malik has a Pakistani lookalike and we can't keep calm

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Zayn Malik’s Pakistani lookalike goes viral

The internet has just discovered Zayn Malik’s Pakistani lookalike and we are stunned!

It all happened when a Twitter user named Zak Khan made an account and uploaded a picture of himself bearing an uncanny resemblance to famed singer Zayn Malik, and the internet could not help but notice the eerie similarities between the two.

Dubbing Zak Khan as Zayn’s Pakistani doppelganger, the internet has gone into a frenzy, swooning over his looks.

This is not just it as the guy crossed 1ooo followers in 24 hours, the same day he joined in Twitter.

Upon some stalking, we found out that Zak lives in New York and hails from Peshawar, Pakistan.

He also has girls throwing themselves at him, gushing over his rugged beard, some even proposing him for marriage.

Check out how Zayn Malik’s Pakistani lookalike is breaking the internet right now

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