Kohli's overlooked 'double danger' run puzzles Australia's Slater

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January 17, 2020

The commentator call out Indian skipper Virat Kohli for the foul running

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Australian commentator Michael Slater on Friday was puzzled after witnessing Indian skipper Virat Kohli running on the centre of the wicket twice during the second ODI against Australia, according to Fox Sports.

The batting star was seen running in the danger zone during the 42nd and 43rd over however, no umpire spoke out against the breach on either instance.

Meanwhile, his teammate and all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja was handed a warning during the 47th over for committing the same offence his captain did.

"Just seeing how he navigates the two, for me that is very much on the pitch, and that is definitely on the pitch," the commentator said.

"If I’m an umpire I’m watching that and I’m just telling him to get off a surface that the opposition have got to bat on later."

The second instance got a riled up Slater to call out the on-field umpires to warn the skipper.

"It’s as though they’re not aware of it. The third umpire should be taking note and just sending a message," he said.

On another note, Australia was handed a five-run penalty during the third Test against New Zealand after Marnus Labuschagne was given a warning whereas David Warner had, like Kohli, committed the offence twice.

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