Karachi lawyers protest at Do Talwar against PIC attack

December 14, 2019

Karachi lawyers take to Do Talwar to condemn PIC attack

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KARACHI: Lawyers in Karachi protested on Saturday against the attack on Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) , holding placards and shouting slogans condemning the incident.

"Say no to violence," read a placard.

"Here's an idea. Don't attack hospitals," read another.

"Wuklagardi nahi chalegy," stated a third.

Scores of lawyers could be seen at the city's busy Do Talwar area, carrying placards with slogans condemning the attack on the PIC.

A large group of lawyers attacked the PIC on Wednesday. The lawyers beat up doctors, vandalised public property, clashed with police and beat up Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz Chohan.

Following the lawyers' attack a woman died due to lack of medical attention, while several patients were forced out of the building to sit on footpaths.

Videos of the incident shared on Twitter showed police officials, clad in riot gear, were rendered helpless as a swarm of lawyers, outnumbering the law enforcement personnel, broke the entrance of the hospital.

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