Video: Ali Zaidi gets annoyed at journalist's question

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December 13, 2019

Zaidi refused to reply to the journalist's question

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KARACHI: A journalist angered Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi was infuriated at a journalist's question, who asked him about the performance of his ministry, on Friday.

"In the past year, what work has your ministry done?" asked a journalist, infuriating the federal minister.

"I will not answer you. Leave it," said Zaidi.

Other journalists at the event protested Zaidi's reply, telling him that by not answering the question he was insulting the person who had asked him the question.

"How can you tell me not to ask a question? Then nobody will ask questions," said the journalist. "If you don't want to answer my question then just say 'no comments'.

"All right then. No comments," said Zaidi.

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