New lease of life to 100 patients with successful liver transplant in Gambat

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November 29, 2019

'For the first time 100 complicated procedures of liver transplant have been successfully carried out in a public-sector health facility of Pakistan'

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Gambat performs 100 successful liver transplants. — Photo: handout

GAMBAT: Director Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jilani Institute of Medical Sciences (PAQSJIMS) Gambat Dr Rahim Bux Bhatti, confirmed on Friday, that the institute has performed 100 successful liver transplants.

“This is for the first time that 100 complicated procedures of liver transplant have been successfully carried out in a public-sector health facility of Pakistan,” said Bhatti.

He said the Liver Transplant Department was set up at the Institute in January 2016.

“The first transplant was performed in April the same year,” Dr Bhatti added.

At the start German and other international surgeons used to visit the hospital to perform operations, but with the passage of time the institute has been able to establish its in house expert team of doctors supervised and lead by Dr Abdul Wahab Dogar, the team of doctors is now dedicating all their expertise and time for the welfare of the patients.

The ultimate credit for this magnanimous set up and state of the art health facility goes to Dr Bhatti who not only dreamt about this but also made it a real life exemplary model for the country and a monument of humanity for the world.

Photo: handout

Liver transplant is the only treatment available for patients with irretrievable acute liver failure or chronic end-stage liver disease, certain metabolic diseases and liver cancer and previously the patients had to look for the transplant facility in other countries that involved immense financial and travelling hassle, whereas at PAQSJIMS all these procedures are carried out at zero expense for the patient through the medical aid provided by Sindh Chief Minster Muraad Ali Shah.

Dr Bhatti said the survival rate of donors had been 98 per cent which was not less than that in any developed country. Also Dr Bhatti has announced that from now onwards two operations of liver transplantation will be conducted in a day.

Meanwhile, a source at the PAQSJIMS said the other highlighted attribute of the hospital is the latest machinery and instruments used for the medical procedure that are not only rare in Asia but are also highly effective and fulfils the requirement of the patients.

Apart from liver transplants, PAQSJIMS is carrying out cornea transplants, other organs transplants and heart related severe diseases. Dr Rahim Buksh Bhatti along with his devoted and experienced team is carrying forward the legacy and mission to provide the health services to all humans without any discrimination or prejudice. Undoubtedly his efforts are the need of the time and indeed the message to the world of humanity and positivity in Pakistan.

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