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August 18,2015

Tribal elders ask govt to hold election in NA-38

Saleh Din Orakzai
HANGU: The tribal elders have asked the government to hold election in the National Assembly constituency (NA-38) in the central Kurram Agency at the earliest. Talking to The News here on Monday, Malik Salim Khan, Malik Abdul Wali, Malik Attaullah and Malik Anwar Shah said polling in NA-38 was postponed during the general election on May 11, 2013 because of a suicide attack on a candidate of the JUI-F, Munir Khan Orakzai, on May 6.
They said the tribespeople had been facing problems as they had no representation in the NA to resolve their problems. The elders said the poor people of central Kurram Agency had also left homes when the military operation was launched against the militants in Para Chamkani area. They said the IDPs had to migrate to safer places in Hangu, Kohat and Peshawar. “The situation is now favourable in the area and the government should announce schedule for holding the election in the constituency,” Malik Attaullah maintained. The elder said almost all the IDPs of the central Kurram Agency had returned to their respective areas while 200 families belonging to Suri Sherzai tribe were still waiting to go back to their homes.

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