Sonya Hussain shares ‘one of her best experiences’ with Instagram followers

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October 22, 2019

Famous Pakistani actress Sonya Hussain describes her time traveling via train and has some useful tips for followers

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Sonya Hussain. File photo

Pakistani actress Sonya Hussain took to Instagram to share her traveling experience via train with her fans, on Tuesday.

Sonya talked about how she loved traveling via train. The actress said that she had always wanted to travel in a train and gave some useful tips to her followers too on how to make the most of their time whilst on a train journey.

“Travelling on a pakistan’s train was one of my biggest obsessions!! there is something old-school and charming about it and i finally did it !! So incase you are feeling low. Just get an ac sleeper for urself, eat , relax, read books, listen to ur favourite music, feel your country, enjoy ur time and come back after a day,” she wrote.

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