103 edible oil, ghee brands fail quality test

September 23, 2019

LAHORE:The Punjab Food Authority has declared 103 edible oil and banaspati ghee brands unfit for human health and the authority has stopped their production and distribution until they meet the...

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LAHORE:The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has declared 103 edible oil and banaspati ghee brands unfit for human health and the authority has stopped their production and distribution until they meet the food standards.

The authority also removed 68,120kg ghee and oil of the failed brands from the market and later these were discarded. The provincial food regulatory body released the results of edible oil and fats sampling campaign 2019 here on Sunday.

PFA Director General Captain (r) Muhammad Usman said that the purpose of sample collection drive was to confirm the availability of requisite micronutrients in the oil and ghee product and check the quality and standards.

He said that 56 samples failed the quality parameters and 47 safety parameters in the laboratory test report, while 211 brands were found up to the mark.

He said that three brands failed on the incorrect label. Food safety teams had collected 317 samples of cooking oil and ghee for laboratory test from the open market in the presence of the companies’ representatives by following blind-sampling method throughout the province.

The PFA would not allow anyone to sell the unfit food products in the market and operation would be continued till the removal of failed brands’ stock from the market. Muhammad Usman said that PFA could not compromise on the quality of food and standards. The production of failed brands will remain suspended till further orders. He said that PFA would again collect samples for laboratory test after ensuring proper reforms. He said use of substandard cooking oil caused cholesterol and blood pressure diseases.

PFA has uploaded the results of lab tests on the authority’s website for the public interest.

The brands which failed over not to meet safety parameters and quality parameters included Geo Banaspati, Kisan Banaspati Ghee, Potohar Cooking Oil, Sitara Cooking Oil, Qile Khyber Banaspati, Kisan Super Cooking Oil, Multan Banaspati, Commander Cooking Oil, Shafi Vegetable Ghee, Barra Khyber Banaspati Ghee, Misaal Banaspati, Fatima Cooking Oil, Darra Khyber Banaspati, Foody Sunflower Cooking Oil, Swera Cooking Oil, Seasons Banaspati, Punjab Cooking Oil, Seasons Cooking Oil, Punjab Banaspati, Dawat Cooking Oil, Master Palm Olein Oil, Sundrop Cooking Oil, Care Banaspati Ghee, Care Cooking Oil, Bakeman FRYO Frying Oil, Mehboob Cooking Oil, Chandi Sona Banaspati, Asia Banaspati, Tahafuz Banaspati, Chand Banaspati (VTF), Mumta Banaspati (VTF), Hoor Cooking Oil, Jashan Banaspati, Minha Banaspati, Naqash Banaspati, Geo Kohinoor Banaspati, Khushboo Banaspati, Naqash Banaspati, Watan Cooking Oil, Dalda Fortified Sunflower Cooking Oil, Sufi Sunflower Cooking Oil, Momin Cooking Oil, Barkat Banaspati, Areej Premium Cooking Oil, Sadiq Cooking Oil, Eva Premium Quality VTF Banaspati, Malta Banaspati, Soya Supreem Banaspati, Barkat Cooking Oil, Hafeez Banaspati, Fawad Banaspati, Maan Banaspati, Enaam Banaspati, Aghaz Banaspati, Hayat Palm Olein, Tawanai Palm Olein, Gul Banaspati, Mujahid Cooking Oil, Mujahid Soyabean Cooking Oil, Fatima Palm Olein Oil, Zaitoon Refined Palm Olein Oil, Mumtaz Cooking Oil, Madni Cooking Oil, Ok Cooking Oil, Maha Banaspati, Rohi Banaspati, Multan Canola Cooking Oil, Roho Canola Cooking Oil, Ittehad Canola Cooking Oil, Asia Pure Cooking Oil, Asia Pure Canola Oil, Maaz Supreme Banaspati Ghee, Shahbaz Cooking Oil, Shama Banaspati, Moulvi Cooking Oil, Andaaz Banaspati, Qadir Banaspati, Hafeez Cooking Oil, Ganj Shakr Cooking Oil, Shafi Cooking Oil, Tayyab Cooking Oil, Rahat Cooking Oil, Rahat Banaspati, SB Gold Canola Oil, SB Gold Cooking Oil, Sidra Cooking Oil, Fatima Cooking Oil, Tahafuz Banaspati, Maaz Supreme Pakwan Oil, Fauji Koh-e-Noor Banaspati, Shehroz Banaspati, Khushi Cooking Medium, Aghaaz Banaspati, Master Chef Cooking Oil, ACP Fold Banaspati, Ittehad Palm Olein Cooking Oil, Taqwa Cooking Oil and Khalis Cooking Oil.

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