Under-the-radar brands

Mehek Saeed
September 14, 2019

It’s hard to keep up with all of the new fashion and accessory labels popping up every day, especially since social media has made it easier than ever for brands to rise to fame. A photo shoot...

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It’s hard to keep up with all of the new fashion and accessory labels popping up every day, especially since social media has made it easier than ever for brands to rise to fame. A photo shoot here, an upload there and you have your offerings up on the interwebs, competing with established names. The truth, however, is that most are here today and gone tomorrow. There are only a select few that stand the test of time and do eventually turn into mainstays.

Since we closely follow brand trajectories of this nature, a couple of aspects of brands portray their potential to become the next big thing; these are brands with unique offerings that are seemingly fit for the local market and fill a gap with their design flair. The following have a stamp of approval not only from us but also from some of the best fashionistas on the ’gram. With consistency in design, collections and brand value addition, they’re sure to be the next big thing.


Though model/actress endorsed brands are nothing new in Pakistan nor elsewhere, one that ends up being worn by Mahira Khan is one to take notice of. Rehmat Ajmal, a recognized model from Lahore - who’s an art graduate from NCA - created a brand where both her worlds collide. A collection of hand painted saris in a tissue silk fabric, with multiple floral patterns caught Khan’s eye but also ours for its handmade designs and the perfect fall of the sari in its chosen material. While she works on her next collection, Ajmal has also put out hair scarves in the same patterns, which are somewhat of an accessory du jour. With accessorizing being focused on the hair right now, with hair clips, hair bands and now scarves… these are bound to blow up too. It seems like Ajmal is on to something good and if she keeps putting out collection after collection of such distinctive designs, she’ll be able to establish her brand amongst those that make the fashion world tick.

Ammara Mumtaz

Costume jewelry is no longer bought in hushed tones as a hopeful replacement for the real thing. Now considered well thought out buys in their own right, costume jewelry pieces are cool, statement-making and allow you to have fun with accessorizing without breaking the bank. Ammara Mumtaz’s jewelry showed up in a sponsored ad on our Instagram but after some major digging through – including looking at each piece in person – we’ve come to realize that her brand is likely to blow up soon. Another NCA graduate armed with a degree in product design, Mumtaz realizes that costume jewelry is about being fashion-forward (as one normally picks up classics for real jewelry) and has made sure her designs are unique, including designs of fish, peacocks and other birds, made in brass but with an impeccable finishing in an antique gold and silver. Her jewelry is similar to what Outhouse and Prerto, from India, were making some years ago but is entirely unique in its design and best of all – home grown!

Kaia Jewelry

For more everyday jewelry that’s the kind one would wear for subtle additions, one can look at Kaia’s designs. Its ready to pick up pieces are made in 925K silver, the designs are fresh and appeal to the younger generation as well as to the older with its classics. You can style them with an edge, as did Ayesha Omar in one of her Pepsi Battle of Bands looks last year, but their Kun Faya Kun necklace and gold pendant replete with a moon and beach design make for great everyday staples as well. The rings and earrings with imitation sapphire, pearls and zircons have good workmanship – good enough to pass off as originals. If one wants to invest in the real deal, the brand also makes the same designs in gold and silver.

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