Feeling ‘fluorescent’

M. Shirazi
September 03, 2019

This week You! takes a look at how you can incorporate neon hues, the season’s most eye-popping trend, in your wardrobe and makeup...

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Fashion has not only gotten brighter, in fact it has become a lot brighter this season. Admit it or not, but fluorescent shades or neons are everywhere. Neon hues hit the fashion scene last year and seems like this trend is here to stay. Whether it is your wardrobe, accessories or makeup, neon is everywhere. If you think that only celebs can pull this trend off or it is just perfect for fashion runways, then brush away this thought immediately.

Neon colours like lime green, blinding yellow, extra hot pink and flame orange are immensely wearable, even in your daily wardrobe. Moreover, fruitier shades such as watermelon and lemon definitely make for a delicious neon palette.

Here’s how you can flaunt neon hues this season and shine brighter than the sun...

Neon sparks

Splashes of neon in your wardrobe are a sure-fire way to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you’re looking for a beginner’s guide on how to style bright hues, start with a casual aesthetic by opting for subtle pops or accents of neon hues like slime green or yellow in your shirt. Also, you can pair a neon top with black jeans.

If you are daring enough than go for a head-to-toe creation in neon orange, but remember to keep your look minimal as far as makeup and accessories are concerned.

The fluorescent makeup

Who says neons should be left only for your highlighters? Electric makeup has taken over the fashion world. From a touch to a tint, models have been rocking neon colours on eyes and lips for an ultra-fresh look. In fact, summer 2019’s standout makeup trend is definitely the colourful eye shadow. For someone who wants to do something different with their makeup look but not go over the top with the neon trend can opt for colourful mascara or a swipe of vibrant eyeliner. Yes, it is time to trade your boring black mascara for an electric blue, or neon pink mascara. As for eyeliner, you can go as bold as you want; wear your favourite hues like neon green or yellow. If you think you’re unable to pull off a bright eye liner, you can add a touch of neon along the inner corners of your eyes. Let’s not forget our pretty pouts. ‘Tis the season to go bold with your lip colours, so don’t be shy and swipe on a fluorescent lipstick like fuchsia pink or a juicy orange and you are all set to go.

Nail affair

If you aren’t too keen to inject some neon into your wardrobe, neon nails are a fun way to incorporate some vibrant hues into your life. If you’re daring enough, opt for all neon nails such as green, yellow, pink, etc. For those who prefer a more low-key manicure, try neon French tips. By adding a hint of neon you can easily update your French manicure. Just apply a nude earthy nail shade and, instead of white tips, go for neon green tips or any other hue you prefer. The best thing about the ‘neon-nude’ nail trend is that there are endless ways to try it and make it your own. You can go full-blown bright on every finger, or simply add a subtle accent to a few nails in your favourite neon shade. Besides, you can also paint stars in vibrant hues on your fingertips and let your nails take centre stage.

Accessorise well

The fact is that there is no better way to turn heads than a blinding dose of neon in your outfit. However, neon dressing doesn’t always need to be tricky. You can add hints of neon in your wardrobe by choosing the right accessories. Trust us when we say that accessories are the easiest way to incorporate any trend into your everyday life. By throwing on a pair of brightly-coloured sandals, bag or vivacious neon jewellery you can take your basic outfit to electric new levels. Think neon accessories paired with a plain white or beige outfit.

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